Devilish Deals?

Yesterday I had the pleasure of spending my Easter dinner with close friends. While eating, the conversation back peddled into a discussion about the belief of Satan, heaven, etc. Keep in mind this particular group of people are those that I go to church with. The agreement was temptation holds strong but if there was a hell or a “devil” why would everyone be given the choice to be saved and forgiven of their sins? If God wanted to separate the best from the rest, wouldn’t there be a class of untouchables who were perfect and didn’t sin. Would those be the ones to go to Heaven? And what about the rest of the lot? Well, they would continue sinning and just lay in the ground to rot. I chose forgiveness but everyday I also choose sin. What is the devils part in all of this? He is not the one to judge the living and the dead. He is the supposed ruler of Hell in this argument. I find it interesting that in many cases where people do not believe in one being to follow in faith, they believe in a devilish character, not specifically Satan as Lucifer. As a Christian, I find my heartstrings being tugged at this one. Obviously according to The Bible there was an angel who fell and became evil. This fallen angel being named Lucifer in Isaiah 14:12. Lucifer being represented as a serpent in the Garden of Eden at the time mankind was created. There is no concept of time in the Bible but there’s also not a story in Genesis about Lucifer falling from the heavens. So where does all of this play a part? With all these arguments, I can see where the confusion would come from and how some could doubt that there is a devil or Satan. I just don’t understand how those without faith in a higher power believe in an evil being.